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Video: The Wisdom We Need is Within

If you think back over your day today, or yesterday, can you clearly remember what motivated most of your actions? Often we move through our days motivated by external forces. Where do we need to be? What do others ask of us or expect of us? We choose based on what we think is the ‘right’ thing, or what our culture has defined as ‘normal’.

But how much of what you have done has been guided by your own inner wisdom? Have you listened to your own needs and preferences? Though we exist as individuals, too often we act as a part of the whole. We conform to what is happening around us, rather than to what our inner knowledge tells us is the right choice for us. Too often we forget that finding and becoming the truest version of ourselves is the key to our own personal development.

Connecting to Wisdom Through Touch

Being able to access your own inner wisdom, listen to your inner voice and act accordingly takes focus. While responding to the external is something we have been conditioned to do automatically. As you make choices that are closer to your truer self, you may notice that others respond in more positive ways. By reaching out in touch, connecting to others and really living your own unique path, you experience a greater sense of empowerment and liberation.

Pantarei Co-Director and teacher, Vered Manasse was interviewed about how the Pantarei Approach allows us to connect to our inner wisdom and to connect to others through touch. She talks about how the physical touch adds another level of connection and can help us  perceive  people, not only based on what they say. When we connect with others, we are also able  to better communicate with ourselves.

“We do have all the wisdom about our life in us. In Pantarei we teach that by having them connect to their own body, by having them connecting to their own heart, they can feel their own wisdom”.”

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