Pantarei teaches you to reconnect with your unique personal qualities through empathy, touch and verbal communication.

Our innovative somatic bodywork based approach offers a profound methodology for our current life and times. In a world where people are often disconnected from their own inner voice, out of touch with their physical bodies and encouraged to repress their emotions, Pantarei helps people to break through incredible barriers to tap into their own unique sense of strength and purpose in order to make profound life changes and accomplish their goals.

We believe that people are born with the innate ability to create change in their own life, in order to move in whichever direction they choose. By tapping into the flow of life we are able to guide each individual on their own journey toward healing and self actualization. Empowering growth and expansion through empathetic touch and verbal communication, we believe that connection and support are the keys to encouraging full integration and helping people to accomplish anything they set their mind to.

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Important change starts with individual empowerment. Teaching international classes of Pantarei in Berlin, we are thrilled to be planning more exciting things also in other great locations very soon. Get on our mailing list today to find out what’s next!

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The flow of change is you

As we inspire and empower people on their learning path to discover their own personal power and become more of their authentic selves, we hope to bring further balance to our world.

Embodying the Flow of Change

Our 1 – 1.5 year program is designed as an independent somatic bodywork profession or as a supplement to most existing wellness based modalities. Our courses are designed for busy people who are interested in gaining practical hands on experience from day one.