About Us

 Pantarei Co-Directors: Vered & Claudia

Our connection was made in the first moment that we understood we shared a similar vision; one that centered around teaching a profession based on finding the abilities and qualities people have within. Our friendship grew from that vision and in getting to know each other, we learned to respect each other and to enjoy the different ways we experience and perceive how we practice and teach. We believe that just as we succeeded to discover our own joint path, we will be able to teach others, with a shared vision to live in a world where different people can find their own heart and true purpose.

We were in our 30th when we met in vibrant international city of Berlin. We both had already around 10 years of experience as somatic practitioners when in 2003 we decided to open a holistic bodywork school together. Being two women and from different backgrounds made our path truly interesting. The fact that one of us is from Germany (Claudia) and the other from Israel (Vered), and the natural differences between us taught us a lot about listening, communication and respect. In 2016, after 13 years of great team-work and collaboration, we established and founded the Pantarei Approach.

Somatics training co-director Claudia

Claudia Glowik

“When sculpting, you must listen to a stones wish to transform. People are the same, needing careful consideration to reveal the true beauty that lies within them.”

I believe that how we look at things makes a difference. To look at the full glass rather than the empty one is like referring to any situation as something that can connect us with our strength and empower us rather than weaken us. I am motivated by looking at how situations can be transformed into ones that lead us to our desired results. This is also what leads me in processes I accompany of clients and students.

Having my 20+ years of practice as somatic practitioners when more than 10 of them as a teacher, I am fascinated by how individually each person deals with their own life circumstances. The moments when this is the most outstanding for me are actually when people experience a challenge and their ability to eventually find strength and their unique qualities that allow them to spin the situation around. I find it to be a great privilege to support people to bring back flow into situations that seems stuck by connecting them to everything that they are and with it often a solution for the problem present itself.

The Pantarei Approach was born in times were I was challenged professionally and also personally. I just became a mother a few months before our first Pantarei class began, and that period felt for me as moving on a roller coaster allowing life to lead the way. Developing the Pantarei Approach together with Vered at that time gave me great strength and a direction to develop into. Being a teacher of that profession I’m truly happy to accompany others and also teach students to be able to support clients in challenging times.

The Pantarei Approach is my search and partly answer for the question “What enables us to have faith, strength and abilities to handle our lives and crisis – what does empower us to do so – that lead to more health, an inner balance, growth, healing and learning.

I’m tremendously grateful that through this I’m able to give back to the world and be a partner in creating a flow into a more balanced direction that will allow us to live in harmony with ourselves and our surrounding.

Somatics training co-director Vered

Vered Manasse

“When we own the richness of our life experiences, and perceive our past as a resource, we tap into our own uniqueness and strength.”

Pantarei Approach was born as I had no other choice. After more than 25 years of work in the field of holistic bodywork I tried to think about other fields of interest, and other ideas, but each time I tried to think about a new direction, I was pulled back to the same place. I saw myself standing in front of people who wanted to learn and to work in ways that touched peoples’ hearts. I saw myself teaching them to be loyal to this inner knowledge and supporting them to find their own inner voice – a voice that would act as a compass in so many moments in their lives.

At the time I was running a somatic bodywork school with Claudia when it became clear that the method which I practiced was not anymore a direction I wanted to continue with. A new direction was needed and many challenging questions were asked. The questions led to answers and those answers led me to greater clarity and deeper actions.

In the end, it led to the Pantarei Approach, which has become a source of great happiness in my life. It also gives me and other practitioners a home that allows people to find a place for growth and personal development.

I don’t have children of my own, but I have a wonderful family of students, colleagues, practitioners, and clients. As each new class commences, I feel excited and enjoy getting to know the group, full of different people – each of them with their own needs, desires and ways of expressing themselves. When brought together, this all somehow influences the shared path we will take.

To teach a profession in which each person gets connected to their individuality, is to exist in a state where there is infinite interest, beauty and richness of emotions and experiences. I have always loved adventures and traveling to new places. I feel that I am so lucky to teach people from different cultures and to connect to that international language that exists in all of us – a language of the heart and of infinite longing to be touched by life.

Teachers & Staff

Merev works with people on how to achieve goals in their lives

Merav Gur Arie

Teacher  Since 2005 Merav has worked with countless clients leading workshops and women’s groups on varied subjects. Having deeply explored yoga, Tai-kwon-Do, dance and mediation, today she specializes in teaching how one can develop true self-confidence, authenticity and personal strength in all aspects of life.

somatics training expert Eylam as been teaching for years

Eylam Langotsky

Teacher Eylam has been practicing bodywork since the early 1990’s and teaching in Isreal, Switzerland and Germany since 2003. Having a passion for discovering how body learning can enhance human potential in any field, particularly with creative people and children, he is excited to bring his education and somatics training experience to the Pantarei teacher team.


Nicole Pieper

Course Coordinator South African by birth, global by heart, Nicole has a vast set of international experiences that she brings to the table. First and foremost, she is a bodywork practitioner and yogi. But with her degree in psychology and keen eye for detail, she happily adds her coordination and administrative skills to the Pantarei Team.