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 Pantarei Co-Directors

Somatics training co-director Claudia

Claudia Glowik

“When sculpting, you must listen to a stones wish to transform. People are the same, needing careful consideration to reveal the true beauty that lies within them.”

Claudia has spent most of her life revealing the beauty that lies within everything. Her natural ability to uncover, observe, appreciate and refine led her to her original profession as a stonemason and sculptor. From seeing the potential in stones to encouraging the potential in people, her transition to somatics training was a natural one.

While studying various forms of alternative medicine, Claudia fully immersed herself in bodywork training studies and began working intensely with individuals. Having established her own independent practice Claudia has held individual sessions for hundreds of clients over the past 20+ years.

Today Claudia seeks to pass her knowledge on – not only to her clients, but also to those who are interested in positively impacting people’s lives through touch. Intrigued by how best to deliver the most optimal learning experience for students, Claudia has dedicated herself over the last 10+ years to co-creating and running the school of the Grinberg Method in Berlin together with Vered Manasse. In 2008 she founded the International Association of Grinberg Method Practitioners (IAGMP) and served as its elected president for 8 years.

Having recently become a mother, Claudia has experienced tremendous enrichment and a renewed passion for bringing the magic and wonder of life closer to people. Together with Vered, she is very proud to have co-developed Pantarei Approach and is excited about it’s potential to positively impact her community and the world.

Somatics training co-director Vered

Vered Manasse

“Our past is only a resource, a gateway to a better understanding of ourselves and our own personal power. When we tap into the richness of our experiences, we also tap into our own strength.”

Vered has always been interested in the transformational impact that teaching and learning can have on people’s lives. From a young age she began teaching pupils one-on- one who had learning difficulties in school. She led groups of youth organizations and later as an Israeli, was a guide in the army for soldiers on topics of education, geography and culture.

Having an innate knowledge that people can be much more than what they believe they can be, Vered found that somatic bodywork presented so much transformative potential for people’s lives. Early on, she founded her own independent wellness practice in Israel, going on to teach and hold sessions in Italy, Austria and Spain, and finally immigrating to Germany.

For the past 25+ years, she has continued to travel the world while increasing her holistic bodywork knowledge. In 2003, she opened her first somatics training school with Claudia in the vibrant international city of Berlin. Since then, their school has successfully educated and inspired hundreds of amazing people.

Over the years, Vered has developed numerous professional training materials, has served on the academic board of the Grinberg Method and has been deeply involved in teaching other practitioners and trainers. She enjoys exploring how the written word can touch people and create profound personal transformations and currently teaches workshops internationally on different topics, mainly instructing people on how to transform any past experience into a deeper inner strength and by doing so create greater richness of possibilities.

Teachers & Staff

Merev works with people on how to achieve goals in their lives

Merav Gur Arie

Teacher  Since 2005 Merav has worked with countless clients leading workshops and women’s groups on varied subjects. Having deeply explored yoga, Tai-kwon-Do, dance and mediation, today she specializes in teaching how one can develop true self-confidence, authenticity and personal strength in all aspects of life.

somatics training expert Eylam as been teaching for years

Eylam Langotsky

Teacher Eylam has been practicing bodywork since the early 1990’s and teaching in Isreal, Switzerland and Germany since 2003. Having a passion for discovering how body learning can enhance human potential in any field, particularly with creative people and children, he is excited to bring his education and somatics training experience to the Pantarei teacher team.

being a program coordinator for us is Simones favorite wellness job

Nicole Pieper

Course Coordinator South African by birth, global by heart, Nicole has a vast set of international experiences that she brings to the table. First and foremost, she is a bodywork practitioner and yogi. But with her degree in psychology and keen eye for detail, she happily adds her coordination and administrative skills to the Pantarei Team.