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Inner Wisdom – Listen in, the World Might Talk to You!

We all actually know much more than we believe we know, through inner wisdom. Sometimes this knowledge presents to us through an emotion, or through an image, when it isn’t able to be phrased in words, or is without a logical explanation. Experiences like these tell us that we definitely know more than what we’re aware of, most of the time.

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It can be called a sixth sense, an instinct, or following our heart. Our own inner wisdom might not give us clear answers at the time, but being able to listen shows us a direction in which to to go when we ask certain questions. This is especially the case when our logical mind does not have the answers ready anymore – our inner wisdom can help us figure out what will be best for us in any given situation.

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For some people, it is evident to trust their gut feelings in their decision making and how it steers their course through their lives. Others need to practice to listen to themselves and learn how to trust what they feel, perceive and know about themselves. Most people will agree that what is needed to be able to access our own inner wisdom, is the ability to be able to be quite with one’s self. To not be distracted with the noise from the outside world and the expectations and beliefs that others have for us, is powerful. This calmness allows us to hear, feel and experience this great resource of ours.

If I recall how it feels for me to be connected to my inner wisdom, it is funnily enough not a sensation of listening to the voice inside of me. Listening to my own heart comes naturally when I am being aware of all of myself. It’s as if my whole skin is bristling with receptors that get stimulated and reach out to seek answers. I am easily affected by whatever I feel can support me. Instead of retreating to a core inside of myself I’m utterly aware of my whole skin enveloping me and what it is in the environment around me that affects me too.

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My inner wisdom is not a dialogue between me and a wiser part of myself. My inner wisdom draws its strength from my ability to connect back to life. It is not about how to achieve goals, but about being able to access the countless possibilities and options that life has to offer. As they are my individual receptors that are reaching out, they find and respond to all the possibilities that life has in store for me. There is the force of life that – if I permit it – will flow through me and once again make me aware, connecting me to the miracle of life.

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So, my recommendation for anyone who is trying to find a way to access their inner wisdom is to find a place that you are at ease with yourself and be quiet with who you are. This would mean accepting and acknowledging any sensation that there is (if you are scared be scared, if you are frustrated be that, if you are in love, in pain etc … all should be there) and then turn your instincts on. Let yourself reach out with those receptors from every part of you. Connect to the currents around you, to get your feeling for the flow and notice where you are drawn to. Our own inner wisdom connects us to a larger vision of the world’s innate wisdom and true personal development comes when our instincts are constantly developed and perfected in tune with this.

by Claudia Glowik

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