being ourselves

Video: Making Connections and Being Ourselves

The most powerful work is done when we can manage to ‘get out of our own way’. Being ourselves means we stop trying to conform to what we think a situation wants, needs or expects of us. It’s then that we can offer the best version of ourselves. Being yourself means not having to make extra effort to behave, think or speak in a certain way. It means learning to listen for your own voice – to hear your own internal wisdom and to let your instincts guide you in your choices and interactions.

This is an important part of the learning process for Pantarei Approach students and practitioners and each individual’s experience is unique. You know you have found something special when you can enter a room full of strangers and feel instinctively like you can be yourself. When everyone has this feeling, it creates a space and an energy where authentic interactions can occur. In an environment of trust, it is easy to reach out and touch others on many levels. When connections are made in this way, it lays the foundations for meaningful engagement and genuine experiences.

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