About Pantarei

Pantarei is about taking the lead in your own life.

Working with our body and tapping into its resources, energy and strength can help us with any struggle, challenge, or project we may have. Pantarei Approach teaches its students how to help clients to overcome obstacles, to deal with chronic conditions, to let emotions be experienced throughout these processes and to gain new energy, lightness and clarity of purpose within themselves. This effective hands-on approach is useful in everyday life situations and teaches clients to build their individual propensity towards happiness by taking the lead in their own life.

Our curriculum is shaped around the innate human qualities of empathy, touch and communication and is grounded in both our human need for connection and our powerful capacity for self-healing. Our somatic bodywork approach addresses a wide variety of personal development goals and practitioners learn to teach their clients how to have a closer relationship with themselves, which strengthens their ability to handle the challenges that life presents to them.

Awareness of the client’s body, thoughts, abilities, current situations and personal development goals are a key factor in this learning and a large part of the teaching. Each session involves a combination of touch, movement, and spoken communication. Together, the practitioner and client verbally describe the client’s experiences, and the practitioner uses both touch and instruction to guide the client through the sessions.

The path each client and practitioner shares together is unique and a genuine interest in the client is an integral part of the practitioners’ role. Practitioners learn to listen to their clients mind and body and accompany them, all the while knowing, that the answers lie within their clients’ body and lives. The role of a Pantarei practitioner is to notice, listen, translate and encourage each person’s potential to fulfill itself.

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