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Video: Can Whole Body Connection Change your Life?

It may seem like a grand statement but could it really be the case? Can whole body connection actually change your life?  Well it depends on how you interpret the statement ‘change your life’ and if such a change even needs to take place.

When you do want to change your life, where do you look for resources  you need to help you achieve what you desire? Often we look for inspiration around us – in other countries and cultures, in videos, books and people we meet or know. Although all of this might lead us on a new path we haven’t thought about before, we also need to remember that we ourselves carry in us what we need, to find the direction we want to take and become a part of the essential flow of life.

We are the ones that felt enough frustration that it demanded we create change. Therefore it will also be in us and our body connection, to find whatever it is we want to do differently.

We are the ones that felt disappointment when what we wanted didn’t happen, but this also means that it is us, our heart and our soul, that knows what we desired, what was so important for us, that we felt the void of its absence.

Whole body connection means that we can allow our heart to speak of the changes it wants to achieve, we let our legs tell us where they want to go, or if they want to stay, we let our eyes look and observe and our gut feelings be trusted.

We are often mistaken to understand that a whole-body connection includes our brains and our thoughts, just as it includes our heart and our feelings.  All of who you have to be, will be there when you want to change your life; your qualities, your resources, the intimate knowledge about your wishes and your dreams, are all there, in all the cells of your being.







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