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Video: The Space to be Ourselves

Life is so busy, we sometimes feel that it’s not us who makes the decisions anymore and we don’t get as many chances to just be ourselves. We move through our days taking care of so many tasks, missions and things that have to be done. This leaves us with the challenge of seeing how we are in charge of our decisions and our direction. With so much going on and so much at stake, it’s challenging to find our own space and voice – to make sure we can still find our own way of expressing who we are, no matter what is happening around us. If you think about all the things you did today, how many of them came from a place of clear intention, with you as the motivating factor?

Sometimes what we need is a clear choice: our desire to experience our own space. It doesn’t matter if we have a lifestyle that allows us to have that space or not, each of us can find our own voice and way of living our life where our actions come from our own clear intentions. Finding space to be ourselves, does not mean compromising our desires to help other people or fulfill roles we have chosen in our live.s Being an employee, a freelancer, a partner, a parent or a friend all come with certain expectations, but the way we exist in those roles is up to us.

Taking the space to truly know yourself and understand who you are on a deeper level gives you freedom to flow more naturally into those roles and more importantly, to execute them in unique and beautiful ways, that only you can do. This natural flow of your own true self is why your contribution is valued at work, it’s why your partner chose you over somebody else, it’s what will help shape your children’s ability to be their own selves and why your friendship is so precious to those around you.

Finding ‘space to be’ can be incredibly clearing and empowering. Getting into a space where you can just be quietly with yourself, not weighing pros and cons are thinking about everyone else’s position, knowing your intentions can provide surprising clarity.

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