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Video: From Movement to Love

Without movement there is stagnation, without it, a drop does not become a trickle, a trickle does not become a stream and a stream does not become a river. This watery analogy can be applied to any notion of flow. A thought that is considered, becomes an idea. The idea that is explored becomes an action. The action that is pursued requires motion and that motion creates activity and energy, leading to a result of some kind, that inevitably creates movement in its wake.

In our minds we connect movement to actual actions – a person walks, dances, runs or move their arms and legs. But if we let ourselves be aware of the magnificent amount of inner actions that take place in any given moment, we would realize that movement happens anyway and we flow with it. The blood moves through our arteries and veins, the water moves out of our blood stream and through the walls of our cells, the gases flow through our lungs and our fats and toxins are being metabolized by our liver. This movement is happening to every one of us constantly. Whether we sit silently reading our book, or spend the entire night dancing at a party – we move. We are always in motion and flow.

Tapping into our body allows us to be aware of that flow, and all the changes that constantly take place around us. Nothing stagnates or freezes forever- some movement is faster and some movement is very slow. This knowledge allows us a very practical approach to moments when we might feel stuck in one place. If we can direct our attention to our own body and the movements within it, we might be better able to already listen to the flow that brings change.

By paying attention to these undetectable trickles, streams and rivers within us, we can start to feel and better understand when something is flowing in the wrong direction. Pantarei teaches us that movement is the deep and essential foundation to all flow. By moving your thoughts, your feelings and your body, you can start to create an energetic flow that will clear out the heaviness. This is when the connection between the mind and the body can be more deeply explored. By bringing more air, movement and lightness into your body you create an energy that flows through you in ways that are revealing and motivate change. Movement from sitting to standing, flows into a direction or an action. Movement from silence to speaking flows into a conversation, movement from one thought process to another can flows into our muscles and in turn into our actions.

If we can recognise the power of transitioning from being still  – in the mental, emotional and physical senses – to moving, we can see that in the end, all flow leads to a place of better understanding and clarity. The more we understand flow, the better capacity we have to find freedom, to forgive and to love.

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