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Video: Evolution Back to Touch

Finding new ways of connection is complicated. By connecting through touch, we can make the evolution back to our first experiences of it and we are able to rediscover our truest selves. From the moment we are born touch is there. Our first moment is characterised by it – when we emerge into the air and are placed skin to skin against our mother’s chest. She communicates with us without words, our attachment to each other begins and the bonds are formed. This instinctive touch based communication exists at that moment and then sets the path for our experiences of touch through the rest of our life.

The experience of touch is one of our essential needs, but too often in our contemporary world, we underestimate it as a means of communication. The connection that comes from touch in many instances can say more than a thousand words possibly could. Yet in our busy lives and for those of us who live in populous cities, we seem to be actively trying to distance ourselves from each other. We create a wider circle of personal space around us that we hope will not be breached. This reduces our experiences of casual touch between strangers as well as friends and therefore impacts on our capacity for deep therapeutic touch too.

In a therapeutic experience, we are able to experience the truth of ourselves through touch. We can make the evolution back to that moment when touch first occurred in our lives, to when our first bonds were created and connect with the things we may have lost sight of as we got older and were influenced by external factors.  Touch is the bridge that allows flow to occur – within us and between us. Without touch we become isolated and vulnerable, losing the sense of belonging that is essential to the human condition.

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