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Video: Embracing Life’s Challenges with Courage

Over the last month or two in our blog we have been exploring what life’s challenges mean to us – how we can recognise a challenge that will take us to a new and more empowered place, how we understand what the purpose of a challenge might be at a certain time and how to face challenges and overcome them.

That led us to this month’s topic – courage. Even what might be considered as the smallest of life’s challenges can be daunting and require courage. If you are shy, or have anxiety, you look for courage as a part of your daily life. If you face challenges you have faced before, where the results was not as you would have liked, you need courage to face that challenge again.

We need courage to stand up for ourselves, to put aside ego and try to see our own role, as much as we need courage to sky dive or climb mountains. We need courage to understand how to achieve goals and courage is a central tool in our own personal development and wellness. But how do we find courage?

You may have seen our Pantarei Approach trailer a few months ago in the blog and now we have some new videos! Our latest video has some beautiful and inspiring thoughts from Pantarei Approach teachers and students about what courage means to them, how to find it and use it to face and embrace the challenges in your life.

We have made a few videos this year and there are more to come! Check out our brand new YouTube channel and subscribe for all the latest videos and news from Pantarei Approach teachers, practitioners and students. Feel free to share the videos too – we love meeting new people and welcoming them into the Pantarei community.

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