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Pantarei practitioners empathetically join their clients’ process of transformation and self-empowerment. In doing so they join others who choose careers that help people. Here, we are proud to present skilled and caring practitioners who have been fully certified by our program. If you are looking for a practitioner to join your personal path for growth and well being, please feel invited to contact anyone on this page or you can send us a message to find out if the Pantarei Approach can help you in reaching your personal goals.

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Ada Labahn
Berlin, Germany
Amanda MacRae
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Anya Fischer
Düsseldorf, Germany
Bernadette Knoller
Carolin Arlt
Hamburg, Germany
Charlotte Happe
Berlin, Germany
Elisa Cederlund
Berlin, Germany
Eylam Langotsky
Berlin, Germany
Fei Kaldrack
Berlin, Germany
Florencia Lamarca
Frank Alexander
Zermatt, Switzerland
Frank Wörler
Hamburg, Germany
Gaby Fischbach
Köln, Berlin, Germany
Ivonne Haase
Dresden, Germany
Janna Hondl
Leipzig, Germany
Jasmin Rengsomboon
Jochen Stechmann
Berlin, Germany
Johannes v. Gwinner
Judith Mayer
Berlin, Kraichgau, Germany
Julia Bonn
Berlin, Germany
Jutta Gelzer
Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Köln,
Katrin Geller
Berlin, Germany
Lea Maria Kruse
Berlin, Germany
Lejla Pantić Šindrić
Berlin, Germany
Livnat Samra
Tel Aviv, Israel
Luzie Ackers
Maria Kim
Berlin, Germany
Marie Lumholtz
Copenhagen, Denmark
Mathilde Borcard
Bruxelles, Belgium
Maximilian Hild
Berlin, Germany
     Salzburg, Austria
     London, United Kingdom
Merav Gur Arie
Berlin, Germany
Moshe Kronenfeld
Los Angeles, USA
     Tel Aviv, Israel
Nicole Briel
Berlin, Germany
Nicole Pieper
Berlin, Germany
Nora Würbel
Berlin, Germany
Petra Raecke
Berlin, Germany
Rebekka Frank
Berlin, Baden, Germany
Schlomtsi Mazuz
Tel Aviv, Israel
Shira Ziv
Tel Aviv, Israel
Sieglinde Hieke
Berlin, Rügen, Germany
Signe Koefoed
Berlin, Germany
Steffi Keßler
Svenia Sauer
Berlin, Germany
Svenja Cussler
Berlin, Germany
Svetlana Kharitoniouk
Saalfeld, Thüringen, Germany
Tanja Dann
Bamberg, Nürnberg, Erlangen,
Tiffany Howsam
Los Angeles, USA
Verena Brakonier
Vivien Löschner
Vienna, Austria
Wolfgang Schnöll
Salzburg, Austria